alcohol treatment Brooksville

Solace Behavioral Health is an acclaimed center for alcohol treatment in Brooksville, and we follow a comprehensive treatment approach to treat addiction. We begin by identifying the determining the root cause of addiction and equip patients with essential skills to lead a drug-free and healthy life.

Role of psychiatry services in addiction treatment

It is critical to join a treatment center that excels at addressing the root cause of addiction and the co-occurring mental health issues. Without addressing the underlying cause, recovering addicts could end up relapsing within a year after rehab treatment. Psychiatry services include the use of psychotherapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, biofeedback, TMS therapy, etc.

These therapies alter the brain to its pre-addiction state; it helps address unresolved emotional baggage and allows patients to heal and recover from their emotional trauma. Psychiatric therapies help individuals attain mental wellness and clarity, which allows them to make rational and logical decisions. Most individuals resort to alcohol to overcome the symptoms of conditions like depression, PTSD, anxiety, etc.

By addressing the underlying disorders with proper and effective treatment, recovering addicts are less likely to use alcohol as a temporary relief to overcome their mental disorder. Psychiatric treatment also helps recovering addicts embrace sobriety in the long term and enables them to lead a fulfilling and gratifying life. At our facility for alcohol treatment in Brooksville, we specialize in using psychiatric therapies to address underlying mental health issues in patients.

How does group therapy help in recovery?

Group therapy offers recovering addicts with a non-judgemental platform, where they can heal and recover in the love and support of peers. Group therapy sessions allow recovering addicts to lose their inhibitions and allows them to share their challenges with recovering addicts battling with similar issues as them.

Also, group therapy allows patients to improve their communication and interpersonal skills. It helps them build new friendships, which plays a pivotal role in recovery even after rehab treatment. Furthermore, this kind of therapy allows recovering addicts to conform to rehab programs collectively as a group and helps them actively participate in addiction treatment.

Do I need IOP treatment for recovery from alcohol addiction?

The kind of treatment you require largely depends on the severity of your addiction, substance abused, co-occurring mental health issues, the period of abuse, etc. Typically, those suffering from moderate to severe levels of addiction require an IOP treatment, while those in the early stages of addiction can recover from addiction with outpatient therapy.

Also, if you cannot afford inpatient therapy but require the highest level of care in an outpatient setting, IOP may be the most viable treatment option for you. IOP programs allow you to undergo a series of treatments and therapies in a stress-free environment for 8-12 hours a day and offers a higher success rate than outpatient therapy.

Solace Behavioral Health is the #1 rehab for alcohol treatment in Brooksville. Our team of compassionate staff work relentlessly with each of our patients and provide them with individual care and attention. Call us now at 855.276.5223 for more details on our treatments, prices, etc.

alcohol treatment Brooksville

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alcohol treatment Brooksville

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