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Dental Marketing Ideas

Every dental clinic needs more new patients. All across the country and around the world, dental clinics are trying all sorts of tips, tricks, hacks, and marketing techniques to bring more new patients through the doors. Indeed, dental practitioners spend much time and fortune trying to attract new leads. The good news is that by following and applying a few general dental marketing ideas/concepts, they can be successful. That’s what Connect the Doc is about!  

Connect the Doc is a dental marketing agency that helps dental clinics in America attract new patients. We would like to share some dental marketing ideas with you that can help your practice be more profitable.  Click here to request a demo and learn more.

Dental Marketing Idea #1: Dental Marketing Idea #Keep a New Patient Call Log

Dental practices often spend a lot of money on marketing endeavors. Subsequently, they wind up generating very few new patients, leading them to conclude that the marketing they are paying for is ineffective. Often, what happens is that new patients who call in aren’t reported as a new patient reach. The dentist has no idea that they exist. The problem may not be the marketing afterall. The problem might be at the front desk. This is why you should keep a new patient call log of every new patient reach. Here’s the information you should log:

  • Name
  • Phone #
  • How they heard about your practice
  • What kind of dental services they need
  • Did they schedule? (Call back anyone who hasn’t scheduled)

Dental Marketing Idea #2: Train Your Front Desk to Convert New Leads

Your conversion rate should be somewhere between 80 – 98%. In order to achieve these numbers, you will need to properly train your front desk on how to answer the phone and how to handle/screen new patient calls. One of the problems that often arises is that a dental practice’s front desk will get a call from a lead while someone is walking into the front door or checking out. The front desk may hurriedly answer the phone and try to get that person off of the phone. This is not what your front desk should be doing!

You need to make sure that your front desk gets the lead’s name and number and finds out how they heard about you. Remember, if the patient doesn’t schedule, then they didn’t convert! Connect the Doc has plenty of dental marketing ideas, and we can help you with your guidelines. Also remember, any time you see a dip in your conversion rate, you need to re-drill your front desk.

Dental Marketing Idea #3: Generate Referrals from Your Current Patients

Generating referrals is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get more patients to your dental practice. This works by looking at your current patient base and finding out which family members they have that are not yet your patients. Identify those patients and assign a staff member to ask that patient to schedule his/her children, spouses, partners, etc., before he/she leaves your clinic. You may incentivize your patients to do this by offering them great discounts for referring new patients. 

Dental Marketing Ideas

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