Depression Treatment South Florida

Solace Behavioral Health is a highly sought-after health center for depression treatment in South Florida with advanced therapies, a friendly and experienced team of clinicians, and excellent patient outcomes.

Top reasons to choose us for depression treatment

As one of the preeminent depression treatment centers in South Florida, we possess several years of experience and the best psychiatrists to produce the ideal treatment outcomes. Here are the leading reasons to choose our center for recovery from depression:

  • Expertise and experience – Our experienced team of psychiatrists and psychologists treat hundreds of patients suffering from depression each year. Our specialists will work with you closely, understand the problematic areas, set goals, and create personalized treatment plans to help you achieve comprehensive recovery.
  • Cutting-edge research and latest treatment options – Our team of psychiatrists and mental health experts conduct ongoing research and clinical trials to identify new treatments for depression.
  • Different treatment options – We are one of the few mental health treatment centers to offer inpatient, intensive outpatient, and outpatient treatment programs for mood-related disorders. 

As a top-rated facility for depression recovery treatment in South Florida, we use evidence-based programs to assess, diagnose, and cure depression. Our integrated treatment approach can set you up for sustainable success with recovery from depression and other mood-related disorders.

How do you diagnose depression?

At our depressive disorder treatment center, we use different methods to diagnose depression. The treatment begins with a physical exam, during which our experts will question patients about their overall health condition to see if depression has any connection to an underlying health problem.

We then run lab tests such as a blood test, thyroid test, etc., to ensure that you are in good health, after which our psychiatrists will conduct a psychiatric evaluation to learn about your symptoms, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. The psychiatric evaluation may also involve filling out a questionnaire to help our physician understand your mental health issues more clearly.

Treatment that we use to address depression

Ranked as the best Florida depression treatment program, we use a combination of medications and psychotherapy to help patients overcome depression. Some of these include:

  • Medications – We prescribe antidepressants to relieve depression-related symptoms and improve our patients’ moods.
  • Psychotherapy – We use evidence-based therapies in an individual and group setting to help patients process their traumatic memories and help them learn better ways to cope with crises or difficult situations. As a part of our outpatient depression and stress treatment, we also use brain stimulation therapies to promote a safe and comfortable recovery from depression.
  • Hospital stay/ residential treatment – We recommend inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment as the best programs for depression and linked mental and emotional issues. Our inpatient psychiatric treatment can help you focus on recovery in a safe and stress-free environment until your mood improves and you heal psychologically and emotionally.

If you feel depressed, call 855.2.SOLACE to schedule an appointment with our mental health professional for depression treatment in South Florida. As the #1 psychiatric treatment center, Solace Behavioral Health has the best psychiatrists to help you overcome your mental health issues and attain improved emotional wellness.

Depression Treatment South Florida

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Depression Treatment South Florida

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