drug treatment Brooksville

Solace Behavioral Health is a highly acclaimed center for drug treatment in Brooksville with highly experienced therapists and mental health experts. We help our patients overcome their addiction problems along with the co-occurring mental health issues.

How TMS works?

TMS therapy targets that part of the brain that is responsible for mood control and stimulates it to create a positive change. Individuals battling depression usually have a brain, where a part of it isn’t as active as a normal brain. During TMS therapy, we use an electromagnetic coil to stimulate and activate the underperforming part of the brain. There are several positive evidence that suggests that the stimulation helps activate the inactive and less active parts of the brain, and relieves symptoms of mood-related disorders.

We customize the TMS therapy according to each patient’s addiction circumstance and the co-occurring disorder. We determine the strength and frequency of the pulses based on each patient’s motor control threshold. It is a non-invasive procedure that does not require sedation. TMS is highly effective in managing the dangerous withdrawal symptoms that come with addiction and in managing the symptoms of conditions such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, etc. It stimulates the brain and helps individuals regain control over their moods.

Our proven approaches to treating addiction

We use a combination of different therapies to treat addiction. Some of the evidence-based modalities that we use to address dual diagnosis include:

  • Counseling services – We are one of the few rehabs to offer highly effective one-on-one counseling sessions for recovering addicts. We use it as an integral component of the healing process, and it offers a profound transformative effect on recovering addicts.
  • Psychiatric Services – We conduct a thorough psychiatric assessment on our patients and recommend psychotherapies and treatments based on their particular circumstances, course of illness, and psychiatric history. We use a combination of prescription psychiatric medications, counseling, Ketamine, Spravato, and TMS therapies to address the underlying and co-occurring mental health issues.
  • Detox – We do not offer medical detox for all types of substance abuse. But for severe and long-term addiction conditions, we partner with certain facilities to administer an effective medical detox program.

Besides, we also offer treatments like Spravato & Ketamine, group therapy, and detox to treat addiction. We are a top-rated rehab for drug treatment in Brooksville with the best team of therapists and physicians.

Top reasons to choose outpatient therapy over residential treatment

When you opt for outpatient rehab therapy, you do not have to worry about spending a ton of money on treatment as outpatient programs are comparatively cheaper than inpatient rehab. Also, with outpatient rehab, you get to stay at the comfort of your home during treatment, and you can heal and recover in the love and support of your family members and loved ones.

At Solace Behavioral Health, we focus on helping patients learn and develop essential skills to fight off triggers and cravings successfully. Our drug treatment in Brooksville reduces the chances of relapse significantly in recovering addicts and helps them attain lasting recovery. Visit solacebehavioralhealth.com/index.php/locations/ for more details or call 18552765223 to get started on recovery.

drug treatment Brooksville

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drug treatment Brooksville

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