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Solace Behavioral Health is a preeminent intensive outpatient rehab in Florida, and we excel at treating substance abuse disorders and alcoholism. We use a variety of evidence-based modalities to address the underlying and co-occurring mental health disorders in individuals.

What is an intensive outpatient program?

An intensive outpatient program is an in-depth treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Individuals under an IOP program attend multiple sessions for a few hours each week. During this form of treatment, patients participate in counseling services, relapse prevention education, group therapies, and support group sessions.

This type of addiction treatment is for individuals suffering from a mild-to-moderate level of addiction, and for those who do not require medical detox. It also acts as a step-down level of care for individuals that have completed residential treatment. It is the best type of treatment for those with important responsibilities or jobs. At our intensive outpatient rehab in Florida, we establish a treatment plan with well-defined milestones to help us measure progress in patients. 

Benefits of intensive outpatient programs

IOPs offer the highest level of care and allow patients to stay at homes during treatment. Some of the benefits of IOP treatment include:

  • Patients attend treatment for only a few hours each day. Clients get to heal and recover in the love and support of their family members.
  • It is cheaper than inpatient rehab treatment and offers more level of care than outpatient treatment. IOP programs offer the best of both worlds.
  • You do not have to take time off from work or school or family commitments as IOP programs offer flexibility to patients to help them maintain their daily responsibilities.
  • You get to heal and recover in the love and support of peers at rehab battling with similar issues as you. Individuals in IOP programs build stronger friendships, which plays a pivotal role in helping them maintain their sobriety even after rehab
  • It helps build a healthy routine and structure. Patients spend a predominant amount of time in a facility without any distractions, which reduces the chances of relapse significantly.

Besides, intensive outpatient programs are equally effective as residential treatment and help individuals struggling with mild levels of addiction attain a safe and speedy recovery. Also, IOP provides recovering addicts with the added benefit of normalcy during treatment.

Components of an intensive outpatient program

The components of an intensive outpatient program differ from facility to facility. Patients, in general, undergo 9-12 hours of individual and group counseling, psychotherapies, family therapy, and support group sessions each week. Patients under the IOP program attend treatment on 5-7 days, and the frequency and duration reduce with the progress that a recovering addict makes in response to treatment.  

Call 1.855.2.SOLACE or visit for more details on our intensive outpatient rehab in Florida. Solace Behavioral Health is the #1 addiction treatment facility in Florida with the country’s highly sought-after therapists and mental health specialists.

intensive outpatient rehab Florida

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intensive outpatient rehab Florida

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