IOP programs in Florida

Solace Behavioral Health in Florida is the best place to go for an intensive outpatient program for all of your mental health. Intensive outpatient programs do not require detox or round the clock supervision. They are best used in conjunction with an inpatient program to help the patient better deal with post-treatment life. An intensive outpatient program is best for a person who cannot be away from home or work for too long. Since January 2019, Solace Behavioral Health has been giving patients the option of our intensive outpatient program.

Even though the patient is at home, the treatment is still intensive. But the patient must have a safe home environment, where the other residents support the recovery efforts. In our intensive outpatient program, we help you push past any limits the addiction created and explore the joy of a clean and sober life. We want you to regain your happiness, balance, peace, and freedom.

Recovery in the intensive outpatient program is a team effort, and it starts with you. We have the experience and technology to help you reach the other side. The intensive outpatient program will empower you and change the negative beliefs you hold about yourself that keeps the addiction going. You will conquer your fears and learn how to achieve your goals. You will do this with both traditional and non-traditional methods. Solace Behavioral Health treats the entire person, not just the addict. Our program helps people realize that they are not just addicts.

Psychiatric Services

Your journey starts with an in-depth psychiatric evaluation. Then our staff will make treatment recommendations based on your issues and circumstances. Your treatment will include multiple elements, such as group therapy and medication management. Solace Behavioral Health understands that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to treating behavioral health problems.

Counseling Services

The counseling services at Solace Behavioral Health go way beyond talk. Studies show counseling is more effective than medication and can resolve specific issues, such as anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. Here are some of the counseling methods available; eye movement desensitization reprocessing, art therapy, and rapid resolution therapy. Whatever method is chosen, it is just one part of the road to recovery.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

This method is used for depressive disorders and requires 20-minute treatments, five days a week, for 4 to 6 weeks. A magnet adopted from MRI technology stimulates certain parts of the brain. It is used primarily on patients who did not find relief with drug treatments.


In January 2019, Solace Behavioral Health began intensive outpatient programs for patients with addictions in Brooksville and Spring Hill, Florida. The intensive outpatient program includes medication-assisted treatment with suboxone


We provide detox consultation on any abusive substance. The intensive outpatient program can handle minor detoxification. But we partner with other facilities to handle more intense, perhaps life-threatening detox situations.

For more information about our intensive outpatient program, please call 1-855-276-5223 or fill out your information on our contact page for a consultation.

IOP programs in Florida

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IOP programs in Florida

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