You were born free and happy.

Somewhere along the way that may have changed. We believe in restoring that balance and happiness in your life. While we have expertise in managing psychiatric medications, our philosophy is finding balance through personal change as the path to peace, freedom and empowerment. So starting with a correct diagnosis and a rethinking of your medication regimen (as needed) is only the starting point, not the end point of your treatment at Solace. At our treatment center in Florida, we specialize in the deeper engagement of our clients to deliver a more comprehensive transformative experience. Our vision is to restore the effortless happiness children have when they are laughing and playing happily.

Unlike other practitioners who rely almost exclusively on a combination of psychotherapy and pharmaceuticals, We offer a even wider range of therapies and techniques that have been proven to be highly effective over years and, in some cases, centuries.

Many paths One promise…
Solace Behavioral Treatment Center Brooksville Florida