Counseling Services in Brooksville

Counseling Services in Brooksville

With individual therapy, patients work one-on-one with a professional to achieve the defined goals. The process involves equipping the patient with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to deal with life issues affecting interpersonal, social, academic, or occupational functioning.

Patients find that therapy can assist with healing broken relationships with not only people in their lives, but past trauma, grief and general dissatisfaction. Healing that relationship will assist with making the personal changes that can help put your life back on its correct track.

There are many different types of counseling. It is much more than just talk therapy. Over the last couple of decades, many different types of counseling treatments have been developed. Our staff has a combined expertise in over 20 separate modalities. Each client receives a personalized treatment plan so that their specific needs are addressed with the highest expertise available. Examples are EMDR, ART, RRT, etc. While these may just be letters to you, they represent abbreviations to some really effective methods of treatment of underlying problems such as anxiety, PTSD, depression, addictions and relationship problems.

Data suggests that counseling is AT LEAST if not MORE effective than medication management. The effects tend to last longer and in some cases may result in complete resolution of symptoms permanently.

Typically, you can be expected to be in counseling for about 6m to 1 year. For a lot of our patients, their past experiences have not led to the type of results they expected with mild benefit at best. One of the major differences at Solace is that we focus on the future and not the past. Most therapists dissect the past which only serves in many cases to re-traumatize clients. We believe in working on making the future better so the past just fades away and your current life becomes the focus of your being.

At Solace, we incorporate counseling as an integral part of the healing process for many of the symptoms or disorders that present to us. As you can see in some of the testimonials, it has been the counseling that has had the profound transformative effect that provided the relief for our clients.