Group Services in Brooksville

Group Services in Brooksville

Group therapy is a type of treatment that involves a number of participants. It uses the power of group dynamics and peer interactions to increase understanding of certain conditions and/or improve social skills.

Its also a place to really focus on a specific problem. Typically, you can get a lot of information about a subject that may be affecting you very quickly. Examples may be depression, addiction or anxiety. The first few sessions may involve learning a lot about the disorder/problem and then discussing them in a group format. Typically, with common issues, it is easier and quicker to learn and digest a lot of information quickly and then being the process work with the group participants.

Groups can save a lot of time as compared to one on one counseling sessions. Also, groups can be a great way to jumpstart your healing and then transition to individual counseling to ‘finish up’ with individual needs or targeted issues.

A typical group therapy arrangement includes one therapist and several participants with related problems. Identities and discussion in these sessions are confidential.

Advantages to group therapy include:

  • Objective sounding board
  • Inspiration to overcome difficult situations
  • Improved social skills
  • Support in your personal growth and change

We are offering groups for depression, PTSD, anxiety, grief, addictions, nutrition and co-dependency just to name a few. As our group offerings change, please feel free to contact our office to see our most current list.