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Ketamine has been used for decades as an anesthetic agent. Over the past several years, its effectiveness in the treatment of treatment resistant depression has become well known. It is the only IV agent that has ever shown benefit in the treatment of depression. Because it is broken down in the gut to an ineffective agent, it can only be used intravenously. Because of this pharmaceutical companies have come out with a new ‘version’ of ketamine that can be absorbed through the nasal mucosa and so esketamine (cousin of Ketamine) was born. This is know as Spravato (covered elsewhere). We do offer both intravenous and Spravato to patients who meet the criteria for treatment resistance.

Intravenous Ketamine is the only IV drug treatment that has shown any real benefit in the treatment of depression. Unfortunately, while the effects are dramatic, the effects may not be long lasting. Many research centers around the world have been working for years to come up with a protocol to make the effects of Ketamine last longer. The protocol used at Solace is one that is many prestigious centers are using. This is not first line treatment by any means but can be very effective for patients with Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD) who have failed many different antidepressant agents.

Because it is an anesthetic agent; it can only be delivered in a controlled environment. Solace has offered Ketamine treatment since 2015. We would be happy to see if this is something that may be of benefit to you.

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