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Meditation can be one of the most powerful treatment modalities in the management of psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, stress and depression. It is very under utilized. We can offer some guidance in what meditation is and how to start your own practice. This is generally provided as part of the service in your one on one therapy. While there are countless resources for you to learn meditation, including wonderful apps, when meditation is being used to combat psychiatric symptoms or illnesses, it is best to work one on one with your counselor or therapist.

As a rule, Solace uses first and foremost Mindfulness Meditation as an entry point to the meditative practice and also as a fundamental skill in dealing with unwanted intrusive thoughts or emotions. Learning mindfulness and applying it with any level of skill will generally allow a potential decrease in your medications. Do not, however, make these adjustments without the input of your prescriber.

We do offer free meditation classes from time to time depending on the availability of our providers. Please check with the staff to see about active offerings.

Meditation Classes are Available at these Locations:


Brooksville – IOP

New Port Richey


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